Three Durham NC Attractions For Families To Enjoy Together

Durham NC is the name of the city and the county. With over a quarter of a million people, Durham is ranked #4 in the state in terms of population. Otherwise known as Bull City and also the City of Medicine, Durham is a wonderful place to visit to get a good look at the beautiful state of North Carolina. As you make your way around Durham, it is time to find out what places of interest you might want to explore.

The Sarah P Duke Gardens is the top ranked attraction in the city of Durham. It is located at 426 Anderson Street, and the Japanese Garden, koi pond and native plants are all a sight to see. You can also feed the ducks, and it is said to be a great place to visit any time of the year. There are gorgeous water features there, too, and people report spending quite a few hours at the Sarah P Duke Gardens when they visit. It sounds like a lovely place.

Duke University Chapel is one of the best places of interest in Durham to visit as well. It is located at 401 Chapel Drive on the west campus of Duke University. The magnificent structure is quite tall, and you will learn that the building of the chapel was started in 1930. You can also attend a service there if you are in the area and know the schedule. There are all kinds of points of interest to check out at the chapel, and you also might want to explore the rest of Duke University, which is of course one of the best colleges in the nation.

Have you always wanted to see a lemur? They look so cuddly, don’t they? You can pay a visit to the Duke Lemur Center, which is located at 3705 Erwin Road. This research facility gives you a behind the scenes look and a live tour. Their conservation efforts are wonderful, and you certainly are going to get to see the ring-tailed lemur. How’s that for a stop in Durham?

There are all kinds of great stops to make. Durham is a wonderful city to explore, and you and your family will have all kinds of fun. Don’t forget to stop for a bite to eat at one of the wonderful restaurants in Bull City. It is time to make your way around to these three attractions and much more.