Algebrus 2.0

Developer : Vladislav Apostolyuk
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License : Freeware
File size : 1321K

Algebrus is a powerful software for scientific and general purpose calculations. It provides user with numerous mathematical and analysis functions, and allows unlimited extension of its functionality by means of user-defined types, operators, routines, and libraries. Extensibility is based on a built-in simple to learn and yet powerful programming language XPascal.

Algebrus can be used both as a simple “evaluate-while-typing” calculator and as a powerful mathematical analysis application, which includes 2D and 3D graphic plots of functions and data, command line execution console, and a syntax-highlighted XPascal editor as a part of the integrated development environment. Algebrus has the following major features.


    – Native support of vector and matrix calculations
    - 2D and 3D graphic plots of functions and data
    - More than 60 built-in mathematical routines
    - User-programmed procedures and functions
    - Solving of ordinary differential equations
    - Linear algebraic equation system solving
    - Statistical data analysis
    - Fourier analysis

User interface

Additional toolboxes

  1. - Support for complex and quaternion numbers
  2. - Support for polynomials and polynomial algebra
  3. - Solving polynomial equations and finding polynomial extremums
  4. - Plotting polynomials, polynomial roots (root locus), and polynomial extremums
  5. - Polynomial interpolation and data fitting
  6. - Calculating of eigen values of a matrix
  7. - Converting to and from many dimensions of 18 different physical and mathematical quantities
    - Calculating of rotation matrices from quaternion numbers

Algebrus 2.0

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